Robots: 90% unemployment and why entrepreneurs will rise

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots threaten to unleash mass unemployment, scientists warn Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs Advances in artificial intelligence will soon lead to robots that are capable of nearly everything humans do, threatening tens of millions of jobs in the coming 30 years, experts warned Saturday. "We are approaching a time when […]

Inbound Marketing Explained and Compared

Veretekk invented Automated Marketing (in 1996), later to become known as Inbound Marketing (MarketHive). Veretekk’s traffic portal offers, auto responders, Broadcasting technology (The Hammer), Conference rooms and sales funnel process became the foundation that today is known as Inbound Marketing. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW But let us digress some. Before the Internet; advertising and marketing were […]

The Reach aka Blog Casting

Understanding the Markethive blog and cloud Markethive did not invent the blog, but we certainly have made it exponentially more powerful.  We certainly have added fun, understanding, reach, groups, daily workshops, understanding and power to the process. Markethive has successfully combined all the technical and tactical aspects and requirements into one system, but have also […]

Entrepreneurial Social Networks

Top 5 Social Networks Entrepreneur Strategy There are hundreds of social networks out there. You can’t be everywhere and we all need to focus our efforts and time on the most effective social networking sites. Here are the social networks I would recommend most for entrepreneurs. Looking for a job? Consider creating your own. There […]


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Market-Network: A New Type of Business Model

Market-Network: A New Type of Business Model Social network. Marketplace. SaaS. These buzzwords are no longer synonyms of massive business opportunities. The gold rush has already happened. But a new business model has emerged. Market-networks are hybrid animals: part social network, part marketplace, part SaaS. [1] It’s a social network. Professionals use profile pages to […]

Markethive Vision Statement

Markethive Vision Statement Markethive is Inbound Marketing combined with a dynamic vertical social network funded by advertising. Not only makes the entire Inbound Marketing system cost free, it also allows you to leverage huge results when you build groups to facilitate the platforms via the social network. Markethive is next generation technology from a 20 […]

Make your Savings work For you

Record low interest rates in the UK is causing a headache for savers. Keeping money in the bank with a paltry return is questionable, yes your money is secure but it will produce little growth. You could of course take a risk and invest in stocks and shares, which despite the Britexit are still performing […]

Emerging Markets merge into record shattering success for seasoned entrepreneur

New Markets merge into record shattering success for seasoned entrepreneur “With the advent of a real Market Network (Markethive) and a real emerging Customer Centric network marketing giant (Valentus) even I was surprised with the ease of building a new empire in this industry”. Explained Thomas Prendergast, Entrepreneur, Internet Innovator and CEO and founder of […]

Markethive Groups

Markethive Groups The Champion of the Cottage Industry cot·tage in·dus·try noun noun: cottage industry; plural noun: cottage industries a business or manufacturing activity carried on in a person's home. Like Facebook, Groups is a more focused culture gathering to have topic discussions based on the Groups theme. Unlike Facebook, Groups is the center of all […]