The changing Internet

The Changing Internet I am at present in the middle of break in my Internet Marketing, the first in some 15 years and plan to return later in the year. I have been keeping a watching brief on the development of MarketHive which has been under way for more than two years. I am impressed […]

The Blogging Power of Markethive

The Blogging Power of Markethive The moment you join Markethive you have instant setup of your own “Viral Blog” ready for you to begin posting content and marketing your business, product, service, or even personal content. You’ll be up and running the moment you set up your account! 1. Multiple BLOG accounts (platforms) You will […]

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the most responsive marketing on the planet. Think about it… Most advertising is all about you the advertiser 'tooting your own horn' •    People don't care. •    They tune you out. •    They might even assume you're lying. You're just another stranger trying to peddle your stuff along with everyone else. Traditional […]

Suze Orman’s Money Class

Suze Orman's Money Class In SUZE ORMAN'S MONEY CLASS, financial powerhouse Suze Orman delivers her expert take on what actions everyone needs to consider to secure a hopeful and sustainable financial future in light of the new economic reality. After the upheavals of the economic downturn that began in 2008, Orman believes it's critical to […]

Types of Affiliate Marketing

The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing programs has actually never been as popular prior to as it is today. Why? There can be a variety of factors. The most probable reason, nevertheless, could be that the benefits of affiliate marketing have actually become clearer to a great deal of people now than they […]

Effective Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising. This is because there are many distinct advantages to the concept of email marketing. However, email marketing does have some disadvantages as well. In this article we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing and will […]

10 Key Elements of a Successful Home Based Business

10 Key Elements of a Successful Home Based Business Who wouldn't want to work from home? You can make your own hours, forget ever having to commute, and never have to answer to a boss. Plus, as a home based business owner, you have the potential to earn exponentially more than you ever will by […]

Popular Auto Responder Marketing Techniques

Popular Auto Responder Marketing Techniques Marketing through auto responder series is a popular strategy to increase repeat website visits and sales. Here is a popular strategy.   The power of an EZINE Book Instead of trying to publish a small daily or weekly eZines, try publishing one large monthly eZine (similar to a monthly magazine) […]

Will Internet Marketing Work for Your Business?

Will Internet Marketing Work for Your Business? This is an extremely difficult question to answer because there are so many complex factors involved. Specifically the techniques you employ in your Internet marketing campaign as well as the execution of these techniques can determine whether or not Internet marketing will work for your business. Additionally, the […]

Never Give Up

Never Give Up Life can be very challenging at times, following our move to the UK from tropical climes we have had to to face up to higher prices and colder weather. Lucky for us this winter has been milder than normal. We realised from the start that we needed extra income. Jasmin my wife […]