Are you an Entrepreneur or an Opportunity Seeker?

An entrepreneur mindset is what sets apart the winners from the losers on the internet. During a recent high-level webinar I attended, this was revealed in detail. The vast majority of people working to earn a living or make extra money with an online business are "Opportunity Seekers". Are You? I know I was. I would bounce […]

MarketHive Makes WordPress Better

  When we set out to build MarketHive, we recognized WordPress to be the world leader in Blogging platforms. We will never dispute that nor attempt to overcome or replace WordPress. Our goal is to make WordPress better with our blogging platform and CMS enhancements. Case in point is our WordPress (MarketHive) plugin(s). We have […]

The Importance of Reach

  Popular social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter are a good way to increase your reach and communicate with others. An increasing numbers of businesses are also using using these social networks to get their messages across to customers. Inbound marketing such as this is on the rise whilst the response to Outbound […]

Get Found Using Market Hive

Get Found using Inbound Marketing Advice for building your own Inbound Marketing machine- a requirement for most businesses today. The web has forever changed people’s buying habits. Instead of needing to rely on sales people to send them information, buyers now have Google and other search engines to research products, find competitors, and see how […]

What it means to be a Work At Home Parent

What it means to be a Work At Home Parent  In This Issue… •   What it means to be a Work At Home Parent •   Blogging: A Free Internet Marketing Method for the Work At Home Business People •   Why the Markethive Blogging System is such a positive marketing “must have” software suite How can […]

Innovative Marketing Solution

  Every business involved with selling, whether its a multinational conglomeration, work at home mum, crowd funding project needs to be marketed. Small businesses, charities and home workers often struggle with this area, due to lack of funds ,resources and knowledge of what they need to do.   Marketing costs can run at thousands per […]

Using Markethive Blog and Cloud

Understanding the Markethive blog and cloud Markethive did not invent the blog, but we certainly have made it exponentially more powerful.  We certainly have added fun, understanding, reach, groups, daily workshops, understanding and power to the process. Markethive has successfully combined all the technical and tactical aspects and requirements into one system, but have also […]