The Rise Of the Entrepeneur

      The Age of the Entrepreneur Is truly Here   America has spoken and elected a non political businessman to lead their country, this could have great repercussions around the world. As Donald Trump said in his victory speech, “No dream is too big” Running a country is a big business so it […]

A Busy Day with My Son

A busy day with my Son. Yesterday was expected to be decision day for my son, regarding impending Surgery, to deal with his brain tumour. Having a consultant based in London when you live in Manchester adds to the challenge. So I arranged to pick him up and travel with him by car to London. […]


this is a test post and will be deleted at end of testing Valentus Coffee Businesses I have been a distributor with Valentus since July of this year and have sold a minimum of 16 boxes of diet coffee every month at a small profit. Now you might ask so what is the big deal. […]

Working in the UK

Working in the UK             I have been working part time in the UK for the past eight months, after a gap of some 15 years whilst living abroad. Finding work was a bit of a challenge, due to my age. There are a few companies that employ pensioners, however […]

Identifying Your Brand

When you are working on identifying your brand you should understand that your brand is owning a place in the consumers mind of who you are and want you have to offer. It is not a logo. It is not a design. It is you. Logos and design are a byproduct of a brand. So […]

Lead Nurturing according to Markethive

Our Lead Nurturing System is the only system that does not violate good email practices Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Forrester Research) (Or, how to build an effective email auto responder campaign primarily attracting your outside leads via capture pages, to join through you in […]

WordPress meets Markethive

WordPress meets Markethive At one point the decision or revelation became the foundation of the Markethive blogging system. Markethive would make WordPress better. Let me explain. At one time we considered creating a blog software solution, (Blog Press) with templates that would compete with WordPress. I know, stupid. But at the time, there were many […]

We Did n’t Make wordpress

But we are making WordPress better! Let me explain:     WordPress has established itself as the 400lb undisputed CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is taking over the Internet! And MarketHive is retooling to support and make WordPress better. Over 75 million sites now depend on WordPress. In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts […]