Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Many netizens have heard of bitcoin, the digital currency. This means it exists electronically. To be more precise, bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency – the implication of security and encryption is important. Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, is an invention of the Internet. Basically, someone out there thought, […]

Do you know your own value?

Do you know your own value? Do you REALLY know how special you are? You are truly very special and whether you know it or not I'm going to make sure you do by the time you finish reading this blog post. You see . . . If you're reading this email you're NOT an […]

New Year New Opportunities and Resolutions

 New Year New Opportunities and Resolutions Two years ago I started writing down my New Year resolution. Which helped me keep track of my plans and the direction of my life. This year year marks a period of consolidation and times to consider what we will do when Jay completes his secondary education. There are […]

As Bitcoin Price Surges, Phishing Attacks on Cryptocurrency Wallets Intensify

As Bitcoin Price Surges, Phishing Attacks on Cryptocurrency Wallets Intensify Today's Bitcoin to US Dollar exchange rate has reached $902, the first time Bitcoin price has gone above the $900 mark since January 2014, almost three years ago. Nobody knows what's driving this sudden surge of Bitcoin popularity, but cyber-criminals won't bother looking into macroeconomic […]

Cryptocurrency Wallets

CryptoCurrency Wallets I am continuing my education regarding MyCryptoWorld. Today I am looking at wallets. Previously I have learn't that Cryptocurrency transactions are protected by military level encryption and physical coins do not exist. So where is the best place to store our Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. There are three types of wallets User controlled wallets Hosted wallets […]

Are We Entering The Age of The Cryptocurrency

Are We Entering The Age of The Cryptocurrency   I have started taking an interest in Cryptocurrency and the fact that it offers a number of advantages over paper based currencies. Unlike paper currencies, which Governments can print at will, Cryptocurrency is restricted which means that the value of these coins increases.   Take Bitcoin, […]

Money Saving Tips

Since my seasonal job is coming to an end I am taking stock of my financial situation and looking for way to reduce my spending. During the past year I have been teaching my wife how to control how she spends the income from her own part time job. I used to use Quicken but […]

Building A business

There is a link between building a business and losing weight.. I wrote a blog yesterday about how effective is your plan, and realised that people starting a business and those attempting to lose weight faced some similar challenges. Namely discipline, action and goal setting. Now goal setting is pretty obvious and was covered in […]

Are your Savings Gathering Dust

This is the age of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are people who have a dream and are prepared calculated risks to achieve their goals. Interest rates are at an all time low, which makes it a great time to borrow money, however spare a thought for savers, some of whom rely on their saving and try […]